Nominated for a Production Music Award 2018

Nominated at the IVCA Awards 2014


“A closet poet whose adroit lyrics sing even when decoupled from their melodies, she bends her stoic dark folk into filmic shapes…exquisite” - Mojo

"Vocally she recalls Daughter's Elena Tonra and Cat Power's Chan Marshall, showcasing her ear for melody...beautifully eerie" - The Guardian

“An inclusive emotional journey” - Renowned For Sound

“Highly atmospheric...there are shadows amongst the melodies where darkness and light flitter for control. Layers build to give the songs a real sense of depth that allows your imagination into the song and her thoughts.”- FATEA Magazine

“The hushed nocturnal delivery, the noir-ish espionage guitar licks, and the complex, multi layered orchestral instrumentation...At her best Goldsmith combines the theatrical story telling of Kate Bush with beautiful, rich arrangements- melodies that are stories in themselves.

Goldsmith is confident enough to allow her voice – strong enough to stand alone - to be processed, looped and whirled as violins sigh in reverse, time signatures switch and metronomic drums rat-tat away.

The willingness to experiment with form makes this...a strong and assured work, comfortable and alluring with its dark pulsating heart.” - Supajam

“Beguiling eccentricity and intelligence...one of those albums where you simply scratch your head and marvel at its understated inventiveness. The serpentine melody...odd time signatures and an even odder collection of instruments, sets the tone of what's to come: a (sm)art/pop display of uncommon depth and what she terms "wonky flourishes". Goldsmith's intimate vocals alternate between studio-affected processing and her own naturally airy tone, giving...a mix of cool detachment and inviting warmth.” - Direct Current

“Eerie, dark, creepy, powerful and beautiful. The lyrics to this album read like poetry. Think Ted Hughes mixed with a bit of Edgar Allan Poe It is so pure and heartfelt. All you can do whilst listening to this record, is just that. You sit and listen. Take in every single word sung, every single chord played. Let it consume your heart and soul. This is an album that just oozes so much heart, passion, darkness - so many feelings emerge...one of the year’s best records.” - Gypsy, Death & You

“Impactful beauty” GigSlutz

“Her beautiful melodies are full of hope” The Sun