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Direct Current Review

Direct Current

The left-of-center alternative pop of independent Brit songwriter Beck Goldsmith is ranking high here at DC as one of this year’s best kept secrets. With a minimum of press and critical awareness in the U.K. — curious, considering the quality on display — Goldsmith and hubby/ musician Simon Davidson have fashioned an album of beguiling eccentricity and intelligence. Hollows For Sorrows, just out across the pond, is one of those albums where you simply scratch your head and marvel at it’s understated inventiveness. The serpentine melody of “Stella’s Telescope”, replete with odd time signatures and an even odder collection of instruments, sets the tone of what’s to come: a (sm)art/pop display of uncommon depth and what she terms “wonky flourishes”. Goldsmith’s intimate vocals alternate between studio-affected processing and her own naturally airy tone, giving “The Watchers” and the slowly tumbling “Semaphore” a mix of cool detachment and inviting warmth. Stream more here.

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