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Captain’s Log: Album and Ramblings…


The last few months have been eventful.

We said some teary goodbyes to Wiltshire and had a fitting sendoff on Marie Lennon’s BBC Introducing radio show. I played The Watchers and Semaphore live in the studio. The second song was a challenge due to Marie and co-host Emily leaping around the control room with their “hands out…semaphore…”.

On 5th March we launched Hollows for Sorrows at The Slaughtered Lamb in London. It was a fantastic evening with a great turnout in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. The perfect environment to try out the new songs as a three piece, complete with Simon’s ever-expanding circle of instruments and Jon’s eclectic mix of wow, flutter and guitar squall. All weird and wonderful with some special faces in the crowd.

The day after the launch we headed up to Nottingham and played that night at the Malt Cross - still an all-time favourite venue. We were too tired, I snapped a string, it was pretty shambolic but we enjoyed being back on our old stomping ground and catching up with some pals.

Since then we’ve moved to Galloway in South West Scotland (except for Jon who is sweeping chimneys in London). It is eerie, odd, esoteric and hugely inspiring. Plus the locals are lovely and the scenery is spectacular. Expect a musical outpouring some time soon.

The album will be available digitally in the next few weeks and to celebrate we’ll be releasing a single. Watch this space…